We have placement forms; however, they are not necessary to start the collection process. Our online claim form can also be used to send your placement to us via fax or by mail. Easy to use instructions and what we seek as placement specifics can be found at ONLINE CLAIM FORM. Supporting documentation, such as phone numbers credit applications trade reports personal guaranties promissory notes contracts invoices statements of account telephone diaries details outlining any alleged disputes would be of tremendous value. Please submit as much background information as possible. We would rather for you to err by sending us too much as opposed to leaving something out that we may view as significant or a turning point to effect recovery. To prevail we need all the information we can muster.

Collection efforts will always commence immediately under our Preliminary Service. Claims should be directed to:

  Williams & Williams, Inc.
  PO Box 34307
  Louisville, KY 40232-4307
  (502) 451-7000
  (502) 451-7490 FAX
Online Claim Form:

Should you choose to utilize the online claim form, be sure to follow up immediately by fax with the supporting documentation. We consider a debtor’s fax number and cell phone number vitally important.

Please note the information we seek as outlined in our Online Claim Form. All debtor d/b/a’s and physical locations should always be included in the placement information. It would be helpful if the names of other affiliated companies of the shareholders were included. Finally, if there is anything unusual, such as terms like “special orders” or “as is,” be sure to let us know. A brief explanation of what you have experienced helps, as it sets the tone as to the degree of aggressiveness that we start with. It makes a difference if we know that someone has lied to you repeatedly, as compared to what the debtor perceives as a bona fide dispute. We are not magicians and, thus, we cannot effectively argue on your behalf if details are not shared with us.

TEXAS PLACEMENTS – Before placing a Texas based debtor for collection, please review TEXAS USURY LAWS & TEXAS PLACEMENT ADVISORY.