International Association

                                                                                  of Commercial Collectors

    Welcome to IACC      


IACC, a trade association comprised of more than 225 collection specialists and 120 commercial attorneys, is the largest organization of commercial collectors in the world.


IACC members serve nearly every major metropolitan area and thousands of smaller communities throughout North America and other parts of the world.


They collect past due commercial claims for thousands of manufacturers, processors, wholesalers/distributors and those in construction and other fields.


IACC members have the qualifications, training and experience to effectively handle commercial claims anywhere.  Cooperation by fellow IACC members assures good local coverage when claims are forwarded.



Means Excellence


To join IACC, applicant agencies and owers must meet high, rigorous standards.  They must be experienced, bonded and maintain a separate trust account for all client money.  IACC checks at least three client references to determine an agency’s professionalism and character.


Once membership in IACC is granted, member agencies are expected to maintain the same high professional standards and also to strive for even greater excellence in their business operation.


Because of IACC’s commitment to member growth and quality services, IACC collectors are equipped with the resources to provide commercial credit grantors excellent professional service.



Benefits for Members


Commercial credit grantors can be assured of receiving the best possible services from IACC members because our members have access to the following programs and tools to further enhance their knowledge of the commercial collection industry:


Insurance Coverage

Includes statutory bonds, client indemnity bonds and errors and omissions insurance. These protect members and their clients.


Educational Programs

Provide training in current and effective collection procedures and update collectors and management on changing legal and economic situations, which could greatly affect their clients.


Valuable Resources

Special member prices are available on popular educational manuals and audiotapes created specifically for commercial collectors by the IACC.


Scope Newsletter

A monthly newsletter with the latest and most up-to-date information about what is happening in the commercial collection industry.


Commercial Collectors Hotline

Access to a 1-800 hotline for commercial collectors and/or their clients to either request information about agencies or to file grievances.


Legislative Leadership

Keeps members informed of state and national legislation concerning credit and collections, and helps members and their clients take affirmative action when desirable.


Forwarding Assistance

Comes through the membership roster, The Blue Book, which is published annually and lists members and associate attorney members and the communities they serve.


International Association

of Commercial Collectors, Inc.


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