Our mission statements strike at the heart of current and future service qualities that Williams & Williams, Inc. attempts to bring to our clients.  Please note the following:


·        We “reward” our clients with timely placements.  Our 15% Preliminary Rate represents a 40% real fee savings. (15% vs. 25% is a 40% savings when 25% is used as the base.)

·        We provide no charge courtesy service to assist credit personnel in the credit-granting arena.

·        No hidden fee surprises or unexpected justification to increase rates after the collection process as started.  We have no subterfuge, undercurrent strategy or hidden agenda to justify changing our fee structure, once collection efforts have commenced.

·        Accept placements, regardless of collection probability.

·        Try to accommodate our clients outside of normal, customary collection matters.

·        Think outside the box and offer alternatives.

·        Keep our clients informed and up-to-date. No checklists or weather reports.

·        Our most recent effort is our best effort, as we want to service our client’s next collection problem that surfaces.

·        Never compromise or settle for less than payment in full without a client’s approval; it is not our money to give away!!

·        Pass along all debtor offers, regardless of our opinion.

·        When appropriate, caution our client not to throw good money after bad.

·        Maintain a separate operating fund account, which is separate and distinct from “client trust accounts.”

·        Employ competent commercial collection attorneys in the Williams & Williams, Inc. attorney network that meet our “creditor rights specialist” criteria.  Be ever vigilant and persistently seek attorneys willing to hold their “Suit Fee” contingent upon collection.