This certificate is issued as a matter of information only and confers no rights upon the certificate Holder.  This certificate does not amend, extend or alter the coverage afforded by the policy.



            Todd Associates, Inc.

            5875 Landerbrook Drive, Suite 120

            Cleveland, Ohio 44143


Insured: Claimants Using Attorneys Listed By:

            American Lawyers Company

            853 West Point Parkway

            Cleveland, Ohio 44145


Company Affording Coverage:

            Federal Insurance Company, A Division of Chubb Insurance Group



            This is to certify that a policy of insurance listed below has been issued to the insured named above for the policy period indicated.  Notwithstanding any requirement, term or condition of any contract or other document with respect to which this certificate may be issued or may pertain, the insurance afforded by the policy described herein is subject to all term, exclusions and conditions of such policy.


Limit of Liability:                   Type of Insurance:                             Policy Number:

$3,500,000                              Commercial Crime Policy                     81601920

No Maximum Aggregate



Recovery under this Bonding Program shall be net the sum the forwarder would have received had the remittance been made in due course by the attorney or firm of attorneys after deduction of costs, expenses, fees and commissions.  However, the forwarder is entitled to his normal commission after net attorney remittance.