International Association

    of Credit Collection Professionals


CO. NAME:                 WILLIAMS & WILLIAMS, INC.


IACC#:                        085753, Policy# 5023-86


ADDRESS:                 2321 Bardstown Road


P.O. BOX:                  34307


CITY & STATE:         Louisville, Kentucky



CERTIFICATE:          Certificates providing evidence of insurance are available upon request.



COVERAGE:              Specified personal injury offenses and violation of the FDCPA or

FCRA committed during the policy period.        



APPLIES TO:              X         Collection Activities Only

                              _______    Credit Bureau Activities Only

                              _______    Check Verification/Check Recovery Activities Only

                              _______    Collection Activities and Credit Bureau Activities

                              _______    Optional Punitive Damages

                              _______    Optional Truth-In-Lending Coverage

                              _______    Optional Check Verification/Check Recovery

                                                Activities Supplemental Coverage




DISCLAIMERS:   Coverage will become null and void if a client of the insured communicates with a debtor after the collection process has commenced.  This includes “just listening.” This type of behavior is considered independent of the collection agency’s actions and negligently creates a basis of liability, which could be a contributing cause of a lawsuit.