How the two wwi Services “work for you…”

Our program is one continuous collection process that starts with “Preliminary” Service followed automatically by our “Forwarding” Service. Williams & Williams, Inc. (WWI) is a commercial collection company specializing in recovering delinquent balances anywhere in the free world. Collecting commercial debt arising from a business-to-business transaction is our specialty. We utilize professional techniques and proven industry strategies to effect immediate collection of placed accounts. Our full range of services includes an established worldwide commercial collection attorney network. WWI welcomes you to take advantage of our free consultation on any unique credit problem that may confront your company. Call us at anytime with no obligation on your part.

Our initial collection efforts will always start under Preliminary Service. “Preliminary” is a quick start, no excuse, forceful, aggressive demand for all of your money. Without current financial disclosure, we maintain our position of expecting nothing less than payment in full. You stand to realize a “real” fee savings of 40% when an account is collected (compare our rates to other agencies by clicking to AGENCY FEE COMPARISONS – WWI VS. THE COMPETITION). Narrative reports are submitted to you on a timely periodic basis. Click here for SAMPLE PRELIMINARY REPORTS. We take personal pride in learning the details of your industry. This specialized knowledge is tactfully used to create an advantage to defeat debtor obstacles that are without merit. We always value your input, therefore, please make handwritten notations on our reports and fax back to us; better yet, call or if more convenient use email.

The next phase is our Forwarding Division, which commences when we decide to submit as your agent your unresolved balance to a bonded Commercial Law League of America collection attorney under the contractual provisions of CLLA's Operative Guides. Counsel that we select represents your company and must belong to the WWI network by meeting our criteria of a “commercial rights specialist.” Upon receipt of the forwarded unpaid balance your attorney will immediately make demands on your behalf. No legal steps will ever be taken without your prior expressed consent. Next, we will advise you of the court costs at which time you may decline to file suit. If you authorize suit, counsel is entitled to a nominal “suit fee.” Williams & Williams does not participate in this suit fee. In many instances, we prevail upon your attorney to hold the suit fee entirely contingent upon collection, meaning that legal steps can be initiated on the basis of court costs alone. For a more in-depth explanation of Suit Fees and the steps Williams & Williams takes to keep your exposure to an absolute minimum, please see our FINDING THE BEST ATTORNEYS WILLING TO HOLD THEIR SUIT FEE CONTINGENT UPON COLLECTION. Although always subject to your control, our staff’s expertise in selecting, supervising and motivating these attorneys ensures prompt legal settlement of your accounts. The PITFALLS OF USING ATTORNEYS DIRECT explains the dangers of bypassing the agency.

The Triadic System is the relationships between agencies, attorneys and law list publishers used within our Forwarding Service. For details click to THE TRIADIC SYSTEM. For more particulars about the law list attorney bonds see WWI BONDING & INSURANCE. Within the Triadic System Williams & Williams, Inc. has developed three cost-saving techniques of PRETRIAL JUDGMENT MOTIONS OBTAINING JUDGMENTS WITHOUT WITNESSES OR TRIALS POST JUDGMENT REMEDY TACTICS AND STRATEGIES.

Our Closed Account Summary is a computer printout in a “landscape” statistical grid pattern. For a description please click to CLOSED ACCOUNT SUMMARY. The statistical results of the Closed Account Summary can be interjected into the BOTTOM LINE NET PERFORMANCE CHART to examine what effect performance ratios and fees will play upon your company’s net profit.

Some of our competitors employ dubious methods to supplement collection fees. Some of the tricks of the trade include but are not limited to making court costs and suit fee checks payable to the agency, trial fees in addition to the suit fee, nebulous contingencies amending the original fee structure, pool accounting, creating false premises, attorney bar rates, making a settlement without client approval, holding the suit fee entirely contingent in exchange for your concession to increase fees. For details click to QUESTIONABLE METHODS AGENCIES USE TO SUPPLEMENT FEES.